Mark J. Roman

Global Healthcare Expert

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Known as one of the world's healthcare IT leaders, Mark Roman's vision for the state of healthcare in 2020 is compelling. The challenges facing healthcare are pretty clear: coverage gaps, rising costs, regulatory compliance, and competitive pressures, just to name a few. With so many issues, it's no wonder planning for the future sometimes takes a back seat.

That's one reason people turn to Mark Roman, one of the world's recognized healthcare technology futurists. His keen insight into the technology and management practices to deal with today's presssures help the healthcare industry prepare for the years ahead.


In fact, if you want a picture of healthcare in the year 2020, Mark Roman is an expert. He's a member of the World Future's Society and the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society.

As leader of CSC's Global Healthcare Industry, Roman monitors the pulse of healthcare issues while building consensus on the platforms that will be needed in decades to come.

He sees, for example, an evolution where the healthcare industry looks behond cost to the revenue potential for technology investments. As he told The Dallas Morning News, "It used to be they (healthcare organizations) would spend $5 Million on IT and that would be considered overhead. Now it's an opportunity for revenue."

  • BPO - Business Process Outsourcing - The Next Wave of Outsourcing
  • Cultivating a Service Culture
  • Building High Performing Teams - The Human Aspect of Managing Change
  • Beliefs About the Future of Technology
  • Partnering to Win
  • Successful Care Management

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